Membership FAQ

a. Do I need to separately sign up for Membership plan?
- No. Your online account will automatically entitle you to become a Bizgram Member.
b. Do I need to pay any member sign up fees or other fees in future?
- There is no membership fees or future hidden costs for becoming member. We do not charge to our patrons and supporters for becoming members.
c. How long is the membership valid for?
- Membership is valid until it is cancelled by you. It cannot be restored if cancelled. However a new account can be opened again using the same email address.
d. How is my membership identified or ID linked to?
- Membership is linked to your unique email address. So every email address will have own account opened for rebates / discounts / promotions. If you have different family members you may open multiple accounts.
e. I have few shipping addresses to send the items and can I use my single member account to buy and ship?
- Yes you can ship to multiple addresses, but however it is subject to order acceptance and other factors due to high level of risks involved in online sales and purchases. We will contact to verify further to clarify should we have any compliance issues.
f. I lost or forgot my membership email / password?
- You can do a reset of your password from the online form beside the login form and a link with option to set a new password will be sent.
g. I want to buy on behalf my company / school / agency, Do I need to register again?
- Every email identifies an account, thus you may have to open separate account for your company purchases and enter your company information in the account settings.
h. I am a tourist and going to travel to Singapore. Can I buy from your online store and claim GST refund at Airport?
- Yes, you will have to visit our store with your identification documents ( passport / foreign ID) along with the online invoice copy to allow our staff to verify and issue you a GST refund document which you can present it to the Customs and its subject to their acceptance.
i. Do you ship to remote areas like Sentosa Island / Tuas / Army Camps / Restricted Zones for members?
- We can ship the items if it is possible by our courier at no extra cost. Should there be extra charges levied then we will communicate with you and if acceptable then you can transfer the funds to our account. Else we will cancel the order and do a full refund as our deliveries are limited to only Singapore non-restricted zone areas only as defined by our courier for normal delivery costs.
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